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There is little different between 12.04 and 12.10, in fact this review is only really here to point out a few of the differences, most notably the new dash feature which in a perfect world would be illegal.

Ubuntu 12.10 Desktop
The background has change once again, and the icons in the dash no longer have a background color to them (until you open the associated program), but other than that it's the same desktop.

Ubuntu 12.10 Installer Fail
Whoops! Installer failed to work correctly. I figured something like that was bound to happen every once in a while with the installer format.
And look who, once again, was right?

Ubuntu 12.10 Dashboard
Even on a high resolution the dash appears to take up the entire screen again. You had it right the last time, stop changing it.

Oh, and what's this? A legal notice? Did Canonical get sued or something?
You'd be better to read it, it contains some pretty scary stuff.

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