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Ubuntu 12.04 Software Center
The Ubuntu Software Center is the only other thing on the Launcher by default, save for Ubuntu One.

Ubuntu 12.04 Update Manager
The Update Manager hasn't changed yet.

Ubuntu 12.04 Settings
Settings now looks like Preferences from Mac OS X. What a surprise.

Ubuntu 12.04 Shutdown
Shutting down Ubuntu.

Unity Sucks Ass

There are no technical improvements with this new desktop. There are far too many inconsistencies and random ripoffs from Mac OS and from Windows, I actually miss the days where Ubuntu and other Linux distros actually were inventing their own implementations of things. Removing the dashboard or at least putting some kind of customizable hierarchy in would alone be a significant improvement. Which is why it will never happen.
Overall, I will be sticking with 10.04 LTS, even if it isn't supported anymore.

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