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TinyFlux is a branch of PCFluxboxOS, which itself is a remaster of PCLinuxOS. As you might be able to gather from the name, PCFluxboxOS uses the Fluxbox desktop environment, which is quite different.
In addition to TinyFlux, there is "MidiFlux", which is basically the same except with a wider application selection by default. TinyFlux is a final release, MidiFlux is still in beta.

TinyFlux Splash
Even though this is actually the shutdown splash, the startup splash is visually similar.

TinyFlux Live First Use Wizard
This little wizard appears when starting from the live CD, and gathers basic system settings.

TinyFlux Installer
Installing TinyFlux, which unfortunately I could not get to work correctly.

TinyFlux Login
This is the login screen.

TinyFlux Desktop
This is the default desktop.
There are no icons, no menus, no nothings anywhere. There is a bar at the bottom of the screen that contains a workplace switcher, a taskbar, and an icon area. That's it.
The whole purpose of this is to save desktop space. Many other windowing systems also do something similar. In reality, Fluxbox is nothing more than a window manager, not a true desktop environment.

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