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SystemRescueCD, otherwise known as SysResCD or just SRC, is for all intents and purposes a full OS, however it does not have an installer, nor is it intended to be a full-fledged operating system. Instead, it features a set of tools that are used to debug or otherwise fix a non-working PC or OS.

This version is based on XFCE, while older versions were based on JWM and Window Maker.

SRC Desktop
After booting up, this is the default desktop.
Notice the simplicity. There is no fancy theme, no fancy background, nothing.

A terminal window is opened by default.

SRC Menu
The menu is pretty pedestrian XFCE menu.

SRC File Manager Select (NOT a 'fail', despite the file name of this shot)
There is no automatically set default File Manager, so you have to choose which one you want to use.

One of the file managers included is SpaceFM, which is a simple file manager not unlike Konqueror or Dolphin.

SRC emelFM
The other one is this thing called “emelFM”, which is a split-screen browser that makes file copying and other similar operations much easier.

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