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I have already taken a look at Macbuntu, a distro with a UI similar to that of the Mac OS X. However, Pear OS is a full-fledged distro, whereas Macbuntu is just a subset of themes.

Pear OS 8 Desktop
The default Pear OS desktop. It basically looks like a flatter version of Mac OS X.

Pear OS 8 About
The about window hasn't been changed from other Linux distros, however.

Pear OS 8 File Management
The Nautilus file manager has been given a new Finder-like icon.

Pear OS 8 Control Panel
The settings are arranged like any other distro as well. But then again, most any other distro is already arranged like Mac OS is anyways.

Pear OS 8 Firefox
Of course, the obligatory web browser, Firefox.

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