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I've taken a look at a couple PCLinuxOS editions before, but to complete the chain I decided to take a look at the main distro, which uses the KDE desktop environment.

PCLinuxOS KDE Desktop
The PCLinuxOS desktop. As you can see, it is colored in a much darker theme, unlike Kubuntu's blue everywhere. I think this might even be a theme for Kubuntu.
One other significant change is the lack of any of the Plasma stuff, and the fact that icons are on the desktop. The K Menu icon has also been changed to a PCLinuxOS buffalo symbol thing.

PCLinuxOS is, also shown above, a rolling distro. Meaning that you don't have to re-install your desktop every few months, however you have to remember to keep it up to date.

PCLinuxOS KDE Menu
The menu used is more like the one in KDE 3.x. I like this menu more than the clutzy solution in KDE 4.x.

PCLinuxOS KDE File Management
PCLinuxOS KDE still uses Dolphin as the file manager.

PCLinuxOS KDE Firefox
For web browsing, Firefox is employed. Even more surprisingly for a KDE-based distro Konqueror is nowhere to be found.

PCLinuxOS KDE Fail
Here is an annoying windowing glitch rearing it't head: windows will sometimes only appear as a tiny box in the upper-left corner.

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