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OpenSUSE is basically the open-source and freely available version of SUSE Linux, with no trials or strings attached like there is to their downloadable SUSE Enterprise Linux images.
OpenSUSE used KDE by default, so it is no different from Fedora 12 KDE or Kubuntu.

OpenSUSE Desktop
On startup, it complains to me about some service that crashed.
So naturally I want to submit a bug report. Only I can't, because it then complained that my information "wasn't useful enough", even though I filled out all the fields.

Yeah...this is going to go real well...

OpenSUSE K Menu
As with all other KDE 4-based distros, all the applications and everything important is buried within the K menu, which personally get's really annoying to use after a while.

OpenSUSE Desktop menu
This is a look at the desktop menu, which contains options for configuring your widgets, panels, and all that stuff.

OpenSUSE Tooltip
Hovering over icons for a period of time will pop up a tooltip explaining it's functions.

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