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I'm not sure if this is yet another rename of the Mandrake/Mandriva project or if it's a fork, but nevertheless here is "OpenMandriva". Which is incredibly confusing since Mandriva was also previously an open project...

OpenMandriva Lx Desktop
The default desktop looks pretty much the same as the old Mandriva 2011 one did. Except the taskbar has been given a more Mac OS X 10.5-like feel, and there are a few less icons resulting in less of a cluttered look.

OpenMandriva Lx Menu
I don't know what I was expecting, but it wasn't a menu that took up the entire screen. In practice this is a huge no-no since you can't see what's underneath the menu, but at least OpenMandriva has the decency to make it semi-transparent.
I didn't try it out, but I think this also solves the problem of the menu being halfway off the screen.

OpenMandriva Lx New File
Icons now appear on the left side of the desktop, like an ordinary PC. There is also no completely inappropriate Link to Device sub-menu option.

OpenMandriva Lx Trash
Deleting files seems straightforward, and it is. Make note of the button positions however...

OpenMandriva Lx File Management
OpenMandriva uses Dolphin to do the file management, as usual.

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