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NimbleX 2010 is not much different than NX 2008 apart from an upgraded kernel and X server, as well as a few new libraries and programs, plus KDE4.
It also abandons the whole point of the distro, and that was the under 200MB prospect. Which is kinda unfortunate, but there is alot more to distros these days, and it's simply not feasible anymore to try and limit it to 200 MB as there isn't much you can include at that point.

It would seem as though the project has been abandoned as well, as there is no version later than 2010 beta out.

NX 2010 Desktop
Really there isn't much difference between NX 2010 and any other KDE4-based operating system.
I don't know if this is supposed to be the case, but the USB installer previously included with NimbleX seems to have died a silent death, and it was nowhere to be found.

NX 2010 Menu
And here is your typical over-complicated KDE4 menu. There is way too much sub-menu classification here...

NX 2010 File Management
Like every other KDE4 distro NX 2010 uses Dolphin as the file manager.

NX 2010 Internet
And for internet browsing, NX 2010 uses Konqueror just as it had before, although now it includes Firefox. Gotta have your duplicate apps...

NX 2010 Settings
You know, why don't I just let you figure this one out? You should be an expert on this by now...

NX 2010 Shutdown
Shutting down NimbleX.

NimbleX 2010 is basically the same as previous versions and any other KDE4-based distro. There really isn't a whole lot someone can add at this point that would make it revolutionary either (except for perhaps real Windows application support and not some useless Wine junk that doesn't even work).

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