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Mandrake Linux, unlike Red Hat Linux (or the later Fedora Core), uses the KDE desktop environment and is supposed to be more like traditional Windows. This is one of the last versions of Mandrake before it was renamed to Mandriva.

Mandrake 10 Desktop
This is the default Mandrake desktop at first boot. By default this window showing some Mandrake online stuff is set to open every time you start the computer, but this behavior can easily be changed.

Mandrake 10 Wallpaper
There are a number of default backgrounds included with Mandrake, but if you don't like the backgrounds you can have either a gradient (horizontal or vertical) or a single solid background color.

Mandrake 10 Menu
The K Menu as it's called is arranged in a way that is familiar to most Windows users.

Mandrake 10 File Management
Mandrake uses Konqueror, a web browser by design, to browse files, sort of like Internet Exploder and Windows but not nearly as crude.

Mandrake 10 Office
Mandrake also bundles a number of useful applications, such as OpenOffice.

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