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Macbuntu, like the name suggests, is a clone of Mac OS 10.5/10.6. It operates under the same principles of Zorin OS, except for the Mac OS.

Macbuntu Desktop
This is the desktop.

The desktop is arranged just like the Mac OS desktop, although icons do appear on the left instead of the right by default. The icons used are identical to traditional Mac OS icons rather than the app's icon, and the main menu has an Apple logo in it, which personally I think is overkill; I would have rather seen a Linux penguin or even an Ubuntu logo.

Macbuntu Menu
The menu is arranged like an ordinary Linux menu is. Normally a Mac would not have this; you would have to find the application in the Applications folder (which Macbuntu does have).
Notice that the toolbar menus for the particular application appear in the titlebar. Ubuntu's Unity does this too.

Macbuntu File Management
Macbuntu uses standard Nautilus to do the file managing.
All the buttons and switches have been changed so they look like and behave like Mac OS buttons.

Macbuntu Control Panel
Like Zorin, the control panel has not been customized.

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