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With LMDE 2 "Betsy", it appears as though the focus is shifting away from "update packs" and more towards always having the latest packages available to the user. As such, this is only a very brief look at the OS, as there isn't much functionally different between it and previous releases.

LMDE 2 Desktop
A look at the desktop. This is the MATE version, which I much prefer to the still-unfinished-feeling Cinnamon. Not much has changed, although it appears as though the welcome dialog has lost its color.

LMDE 2 File Manager
The file manager remains unchanged. I find it nice that dialog boxes are actually dialog boxes, unlike the bastardized crap many other distros and GUI developers are thrusting in our faces these days.

LMDE 2 Firefox
LMDE still uses Firefox as the default browser. Many others are available.

LMDE 2 Package Manager
Instead of the regular software center, it appears as though LMDE 2 only includes the Synaptic Package Manager.

LMDE 2 Update
The LMDE 2 updater.

There is nothing above the hood different with this release of LMDE. It just appears as though there won't be new ISOs built every few months.

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