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I have taken a look at LMDE before, and this version is largely the same. However I decided to try out the XFCE edition of Mint DE.

LMDE 11 XFCE Desktop
This is the default desktop. As you can see, it is pretty much the same as the GNOME desktop. For a change I am using the 64-bit version, but both this and the 32-bit version look identical.

The menu actually bears a resemblance to the LXDE version found in MintPPC.

LMDE 11 XFCE About
The about window tells us that this is XFCE 4.8.

LMDE 11 XFCE File Management
The file manager is pretty much the same as any other distro.

LMDE 11 XFCE Firefox
LMDE also bundles Firefox to do web browsing.

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