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Linux Mint Debian Edition (LMDE) is a version of Mint based on Debian Testing, but that looks like the traditional release (which is based on Ubuntu). Unlike Debian Testing, Mint introduces what it calls "update packs" periodically, unlike Debian which constantly recieves updates. This means, however, that unlike with the Ubuntu version your OS doesn't need a reinstallation every six months.

This is the GNOME version, which looks and feels just like Mint 11.

LMDE 2010 Desktop
The LMDE desktop looks pretty much the same as the standard edition.

LMDE 2010 Menu
The menu is also arranged in the same way.

LMDE 2010 Redundancy
One thing I noticed in the menu is this little redundancy. There are two buttons for the file manager, both of which are right on top of each other!

LMDE 2010 Seach
Unlike alot of Linuxes the search feature doesn't default to searching the root of the drive, and it can do partial file searching without requiring a *.

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