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There is little to no difference between the main GNOME version of Mint 5 and previous versions, but the Fluxbox desktop is new to Mint 5, so I decided to take some screenshots of it.

Linux Mint 5 Desktop
The desktop looks very much like PCFluxboxOS, but with a Mint scheme applied to it.

Linux Mint 5 Menu
Unlike the main version of Mint there is no obvious menu, rather you must right-click on the desktop to open the menu.

Linux Mint 5 Multiple Desktops
Multiple desktops in the Fluxbox environment.

Linux Mint 5 File Management
Like alot of different desktop environments Fluxbox uses Thunar to do the file management.

Linux Mint 5 Firefox
Like the main distro Mint 5 w/Fluxbox bundles Firefox as the web browser.

Linux Mint 5 Shutdown
Shutting down Linux Mint 5.

There is no conclusion, since one does not need to be made.

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