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Linux Mint 12 Firefox
Linux Mint 12 still uses Firefox.

Another piece of UI stupidity I noticed: the top bar contains a button for the application, and so does the bottom bar, at the same time. The difference is that the bottom bar holds buttons for every open window like it should, but the top bar only holds a button for the current window/current application. It is redundant to do things this way.

Linux Mint 12 Open Windows
Clicking on the infinity symbol opens up this thing, which shows you your open windows in a similar way to Apple's Exposé.

Linux Mint 12 Applications
Clicking on Applications displays a list of applications, as one would expect. This is completely unnecessary, as the Mint menu already exists.

It looks like this is something from Ubuntu's Unity interface, but this is in fact something completely different and actually part of the GNOME 3 shell. Why something like this was willingly copied in another desktop environment I do not know. Fortunately, unlike Unity, the standard application hierarchy is used here which does make browsing a little better, but it still seems useless, especially since the menu requires less clicks to actually use.

Linux Mint 12 Software Manager
Linux Mint still uses the nice software manager to add and remove software.

Linux Mint 12 Update Manager
The update manager has also remained unchanged.

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