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Linux Mint 11 File Management
File management is still done using the traditional Nautilus file manager.

Linux Mint 11 Panels
Since this is GNOME 2 it is possible to add all manners of applets to the panel that is already there, and you can also add your own panels.

Linux Mint 11 Control Center
Linux Mint 11 bundles all the control panel applets into one central application window. For whatever reason it also has them scattered in the applications menu.

Linux Mint 11 Theme
It is possible to have Mint in both green or blue. And thankfully the entire UI conforms to the color scheme.

Linux Mint 11 Software Manager
And finally, it is possible to add all kinds of software using the Softeare Manager. For the stuff not in the Software Manager there is also the Synaptic Package Manager, as with most other distros.

Linux Mint 11 Shutdown
Shutting down Linux Mint 11.

Linux Mint provides the much needed stop-gap for the hole that has been formed in the Linux community by the rapid adoption of the GNOME 3 desktop mess, without having some kind of path to easily migrate to the new desktop. It appears as though Linux Mint will become one of the top Linux distros in time, and for the better. Like all Linuxes there are a few quirks, but I feel most of those will be ironed out soon.

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