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Lubuntu 11.10 Desktop
You'd think they were Microsoft.

With Lubuntu 11.10, the UI has once again been completely changed. Functionality wise it has not changed at all.
Personally I think this is just so they can have their graphics department busy with something all the time.

Lubuntu 11.10 File Management
File management still uses PCManFM, and as you can see the visuals have changed again.
It must be difficult to redesign the UI entirely with each new release...

Lubuntu 11.10 Appearance
There is STILL only one background.
Choice. Who needs that?

Lubuntu 11.10 Update Manager
As always Lubuntu has a billion updates that you should install after logging in for the first time.

Note that despite what the upgrade says, 12.04 is NOT an LTS release.

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