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Lubuntu 11.04 Desktop
Again, Lubuntu has completely changed visually. Under the hood it's no different, although it seemed a little more speedy and stable.
The background is brand new (there is still only one), and the taskbar is now a sleek blue.

It appears as though the screenshot utility I installed is broken, which results in that little no-no sign in the notification area. The screenshooter, however, does still work regardless.

Lubuntu 11.04 Menu
The menu and games selection has not changed one bit, although appearance wise it has been given a grayish tint.

Lubuntu 11.04 File Management
The windowing has, once again, been given a visual overhaul.
PCManFM seems to be a little less buggy than before, but I would rather have Nautilus.

Lubuntu 11.04 Multiple Desktops
The desktop switcher functionally works the same, although like most of Lubuntu has undergone plastic surgery.

Lubuntu 11.04 Office
Same old office utilities. In fact I think they are all the same versions too!

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