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Lubuntu 10.10 MPlayer
Really? The GNOME MPlayer app is included?
Oh, and they also bundled Aqualung. Which does the same damn thing.

Lubuntu 10.10 Multiple Desktops
Multiple desktops, like every other version of Linux has had for years. Don't know why it required a screenshot, but still.

Lubuntu 10.10 Office
Lubuntu still includes the Abiword/Gnumetric/Osmo office suite instead of the default OpenOffice or recently LibreOffice.

Lubuntu 10.10 File Management
Lubuntu 10.10 still uses PCManFM, bugs and all.

Lubuntu 10.10 Save dialog fail
The sad part is, almost every single application has it's own save warning dialogs, creating UI inconsistency.

Sad Lubuntu got even sadder. Such sadness.

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