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Let's be honest. Lubuntu 10.04 is ****, it's pants, it sucks. However due to the great number of "You're wrong"s and "You have no freakin clue what you're talking about"s, I decided to take a look at more recent versions of Lubuntu.

10.10 is apparently considered a "stable beta", however do not let that confuse you; it is actually a full release, just called a beta as it was not yet an official Ubuntu derivative at the time.
Also contrary to popular belief, 10.10 is NOT based off the libraries of Ubuntu 10.10.

Lubuntu 10.10 Desktop
This is the default desktop. As I had said, they have completely changed it.
The default background has changed, the notification area no longer has all those icons in it, and the button to access the menu is no longer like the Windows start button, rather it is now a circle LXDE logo.

Lubuntu 10.10 Installer
Taking a step back and looking at the installer, you can see that they have completely changed the windowing style as well.

Lubuntu 10.10 LiveCD Fail
While I'm at it, this is what you get when you first boot up from the live CD. Even though this is a read-only FS it still tells you that there is an upgrade available. Poor programming in my honest opinion.

Lubuntu 10.10 Update Manager
As with most Linux distros there are a million updates to install once you first begin using Lubuntu.
Even though this is Lubuntu the update manager still thinks this is Ubuntu. Is it that hard to create a custom build that says "Lubuntu" instead of "Ubuntu"?

Lubuntu 10.10 Appearance
There is still only one default background...where's the choice at, man?

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