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Ah yes. Lubuntu Linux 10.04. I think this is the OS that has given me the most grief, even after long being rid of it.

Someone a while back told me this is beta software. Well I would have to think downloading it on the basis that it is stable software is not beta, now is it? Even at that the stability of it comes off as saying it is pre-beta software.
It's apparently supposed to be the LTS release too.

Lubuntu 10.04 Desktop
This is the default desktop. As you can see I am running this off the live CD as I am not even going to bother installing it as I know it is anything but stable.
Even at that when I tried installing it on my test drive the installer force-quit without so much as an error message to be had. Just poof, gone.

Taking a look here, you can see why they call it Lubuntu. It uses the LXDE desktop environment, like so many other distros are now starting to offer as an option.
LXDE mimics the Windows desktop even more than KDE does. You have your menu (don't know what LXDE calls it, the bird menu?), then you have your quick-launch imitation, with links to the file manager, Chromium (web browser), and a window switcher.
Following that is the multiple desktop switcher, then the notification area rounds the whole taskbar out.

Lubuntu 10.04 Abiword Lubuntu 10.04 Gnumetric
Lubuntu 10.04 Osmo Lubuntu 10.04 PDF Viewer
For text editing on the office side, Lubuntu includes Abiword. Which while useful, as I said when reviewing Fedora 12 GNOME, people want to add all the fancy crap they can find to their stuff, and they wanted it done yesterday. There is visibly no special effects, or at least not the kind of effects wanted by a user these days.

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