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Kubuntu 9.04 Konqueror
Speaking of Konqueror, Konqueror is included with Kubuntu as the web browser. It is fast, sleek, and works much the same way Google Chrome/Chromium and Apple Safari do.

Of course I can't browse anything because KConnect was acting like a four year old who just had their candy taken away, and wouldn't connect to my network.

Kubuntu 9.04 Networking
This is how you browse Samba, network, and other shares that are served to you. Really I don't understand why Samba shares are separated from network folders, as technically speaking they are still shares.

Kubuntu 9.04 Notes
Oh yay, sticky notes.

Kubuntu 9.04 Okular
I forget exactly what Okular was, but for this purpose I will assume it is a photo viewing program just based on title alone.

Kubuntu 9.04 OpenOffice
Like Ubuntu, Kubuntu includes the OpenOffice suite of office productivity applications.

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