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Kubuntu Linux is nothing more than a repackaged version of Ubuntu.
For users that want a more Windows-like experience, Ubuntu with GNOME is not the answer. The KDE desktop, however, offers all you would like, and for those that want the basic featureset of Ubuntu but the KDE desktop instead, Kubuntu is for you.

These screenshots are of 9.04 "Jaunty Jackalope".

Click the thumbnails below to see a full sized screenshot.

Kubuntu 9.04 Desktop
This is the default desktop. KDE4 is used in this version of Kubuntu, and as such really works the same way as Fedora 12 KDE does.
There is a box in the upper left corner for displaying desktop icons, or whatever else you wish to set it to. Not sure why this exists as previous versions of KDE placed icons directly on the desktop.

Kubuntu 9.04 Connecting1 Kubuntu 9.04 Connecting2
Kubuntu 9.04 Connecting3 Kubuntu 9.04 Connecting4
This is how the network connections are sorted out. Yes the one I am using is blanked out.
And then connecting fails for some ridiculous reason.

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