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gOS, or "Good OS", was the OS that Walmart was loading on some cheap Everex gPCs for a while. This is apparently the final version, as no others are available and the official site is down. Oh well, was good while it lasted.

It was nice to see Linux being loaded on some mainstream PCs, even if it was for a short time and on a small scale. But, after trying gOS out, it's no wonder it was on such a small scale and for a short period of time.

gOS 3.1 Desktop
The gOS desktop. gOS is based off Ubuntu Linux, and uses the GNOME desktop environment, albeit customized. Previous versions used Enlightenment.

On the desktop, you have a trash can (duh), a shortcut to your home folder, as well as icons to all the various drives you have inserted into the system.
You also have the gOS menu, which is a drop down menu containing all the program shortcuts, multiple desktop switcher, icon area, and the wBar, which acts the same way as the OS X dock.

gOS 3.1 Gadgets
gOS 3.1 includes what is called "Gadgets". Just like the other two major operating systems have.
Many of these apps are google-based. Perhaps gOS should stand for "Google OS"?

gOS 3.1 wBar Customization
You cannot just add things to the wBar, instead you must add them manually.
Sad thing is, there appears to be a major bug in the software. Changing it in any way caused it to disappear and never return.

gOS 3.1 Screenshot Utility
Of course, the screenshot utility, like every single Linux distro should have.

gOS 3.1 Screenshot Utility Fail
As if I didn't see this coming.
I complained about this when reviewing Fedora 12. And it behaves the same way, clicking cancel closes everything.
WHY is it so difficult to implement a rename command?

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