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Fuduntu sounds really dumb. Yes, I know. In reality, though, Fuduntu is a wonderful OS, especially now with all this GNOME 3 madness.
Fuduntu is based on Fedora Linux, but contains much the same features as Ubuntu, hence the name. It uses the legacy GNOME 2.3 environment.

Fuduntu Desktop
This is the default Fuduntu desktop. It contains everything the user would expect from GNOME 2, except for the bottom bar, which has been replaced with the Avant dock.

Fuduntu Updates
Like most other distros there are a million updates to install, and that number just grows every day.

Fuduntu File Management
Fuduntu uses Nautilus Elementary, which is basically Nautilus but patched for the emphasis on simplicity, to do the file managing.

Fuduntu Theme
Before you ask, yes, the Avant dock does comply to the system theme.

Fuduntu Preferences Galore
Holy hoop, look at all those preferences applets!

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