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The only differences between this version and Fedora Core 1 are the presence of SELinux (a security policy enforcer), and a different UI.

Fedora Core 4 Desktop
This is the default desktop, with the new Clearlooks theme which was inspired by Red Hat. Here we can see the traditional Linux two-bar setup with the three menus at the top.

Fedora Core 4 Menus
The menu arrangement is similar to that of Ubuntu 7.10.

Fedora Core 4 File Management
Fedora still uses Nautilus to do the file managing.

Fedora Core 4 Firefox
It also still includes Firefox

Fedora Core 4 Screensaver
Not sure what happened, but apparently there are no screensavers included by default.

Fedora Core 4 brings the Linux desktop we came to know before GNOME 3 came around to Fedora. That's about it, there isn't much else that's different from previous versions.

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