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Freespire Linux is basically a free continuation of Linspire. Of course as of this writing Freespire appears to have been abandoned, and as such no new releases exist beyond 2.0.8.
Well, I decided to give it a kick around anyways.

Freespire Splash
The splash screen is really no different than Ubuntu 7.10's other that color scheme and logo.

Freespire Desktop
This is the default Freespire desktop. Frespire 2.0.8 is based off of KDE 3.5.6, and looks and feels pretty similar to Windows.
On the taskbar, you see the K menu (which is branded with the Freespire logo), a couple of pinned applications (like how Windows 7 does it, even though it's more like the quick launch), the desktop switcher, notification area, lock and shutdown buttons, and the time and date.

Freespire Games
Before I change the desktop background, I want to talk a little about KDE's game choice.

KSmileTris I understand, but this Potato Guy thing? How is that a game?
Same can be said about the World Clock. What the hell makes it a game?

Freespire Screen Resolution
I have no idea how much more they could have got this wrong, but on such a small resolution, I can't even ACCESS the stupid Administrator button they're telling me to click so I can change my resolution!

Freespire Control Center
I suppose everyone has to have their ripoffs these days...

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