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Fedora 20 Desktop
Like Linux Mint, MATE is now a desktop option in Fedora, and actually has been since version 17 or so. Unfortunately I could only get the latest version, which is Fedora 20.

As you can see, MATE brings back the traditional GNOME desktop from Fedora 14 and earlier that people really liked. We have the same old icons on the desktop, the same two-bar setup, and the same obviously present menus, all contrary to Fedora 15.

Fedora 20 Menus
Print Screen still doesn't work when a menu is open, however the menu system is identical to older GNOME 2 versions.

Fedora 20 File Management
The Caja File Manager is pretty much the same as the old Nautilus.

Fedora 20 Midori
Instead of Firefox this particular MATE install has Midori, which looks like a GNOME 3 app with the lack of any real menus.

Fedora 20 Control Panel
The control panel is pretty much the same as well

Fedora 20 Shutdown
And a plainly visible shutdown option!

Fedora 20 with MATE brings back the desktop that everyone, myself included, likes. This isn't the main distro, but it is definitely a step in the right direction.

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