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Fedora 15 File Management
Fortunately Fedora still uses Nautilus as the file manager.

Fedora 15 Program menus
One thing that is also plainly obvious is the lack of any menus. The idea behind this is to save screen space and have a sort of top menu like the Macintosh has had for years.
The only application icon that appears on this top bar is that of the application that you are currently using. This can make it easy to forget that you are running other applications since it is not possible to know what else you are running unless you use a non-obvious keyboard command or use the (also non-obvious) Activities page.

As we can see, traditional GTK+ applications need to be re-written for this new scheme, as they still have menus in addition to an ambiguous Quit command on the upper bar! That top menu is also completely non-obvious as well.

Fedora 15 Control Panel
The control panel has remained mostly the same, however it should also be noted that Fedora also spreads a number of the utilities that should be in the control panel out through the "menu".

Fedora 15 Command
At least it is still possible to run a command by pressing Alt+F2...

Fedora 15 Shutdown is gone???
Shutting down Fe...wait, where the hell is the shutdown menu option? Did they get rid of that too?
With GNOME 3 even shutting the freaking computer down becomes non-obvious as you have to HOLD DOWN THE ALT KEY, which changes the Log Out option to Power Off. How useful.

Fedora 15 Conclusion

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