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Fedora 12 KDE Menu1 Fedora 12 KDE Menu2 Fedora 12 KDE Menu3
Fedora 12 KDE Menu4 Fedora 12 KDE Menu5 Fedora 12 KDE Menu6
Fedora 12 KDE Menu7 Fedora 12 KDE Menu8 Fedora 12 KDE Menu9
These nine screenshots show the different sub-menus under the Applications selection. Everything here is pretty standard or KDE: KOffice, Konqueror, JuK, KRDC, and much more.
The game selection, however, is separated into different genres. Which is nice. The problem is, most of the "games" are certainly not what I would call games...

It would also appear as though the desktop window screwed up at least once...

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