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Fedora is basically the same thing as RedHat Linux. "Fedora" is used for the freely available version while "Redhat" is reserved for the commercial product.

Of course, Fedora also has an option to download multiple desktop environments. This is KDE, and I also have screenshots of the GNOME version here.

Fedora 12 KDE Desktop
This is the default KDE desktop. The background is no different than that of the GNOME edition, which is to be expected.
However, the UI is a completely different animal.

KDE attempts to mimic the Windows UI (before all this Metro/Modern UI crap came around), and actually does a decent job. The taskbar on the bottom holds your K Menu, your multiple desktop widget (because it is Linux, after all), and all your notification icons.

Two things.

One, it doesn't appear as if you can place icons directly on the desktop. Instead there is a window at the top that displays them. However, I would rather have my icons on the desktop than separated from it.
And two, I can't really see the charging symbol in the notifications. The colors are way too similar.

Fedora 12 KDE Desktop Folder
Of course that window does allow you to display other folders rather than the desktop folder.

Fedora 12 KDE K-Menu
This is what the start menu looks like when you first click on it. It displays a list of favorite programs, which is nice, but the applications are hidden one menu down. This is not something an ordinary user would be used to.

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