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Fedora 12 GNOME Cascade
Getting back to Nautilus, it's nice to see that you can cascade your windows. Lots of OSes skip on that, and it's a feature that is nice for window management.

Fedora 12 GNOME GThumb
This image viewing application is nice. At least it's consistent with a large chunk of the UI.

Fedora 12 GNOME Sucky screensavers
Now this really pisses me off.

Just about every other operating system I have used, including Ubuntu, has a wide range of different screensavers available by default.
Fedora 12 does not, instead they expect you to download additional packages, something an ordinary user should not have to do.

Man they've lost their minds with all this downloading crap. Next thing you know, we'll have to download our file managers.

Fedora 12 GNOME Fullscreen Screensaver
At least you can switch screensavers quickly when previewing them...

Fedora 12 GNOME Applications
Showing some more of the bundled applications. Lots of different things here of varying quality. Most of it is decent though.

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