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Fedora 12 GNOME Panels
Since this is GNOME, it is a requirement that panels and panel widgets can be added/removed. Colors of the individual panels are also completely adjustable.

Fedora 12 GNOME Games
Seriously, I have to commend the GNOME guys for at least using common sense here.
While most Linux distros bundle a load of crap and try to pass it off as "games", the default bundled games here are actually rather entertaining, and guess what, they're REAL GAMES, which seems to be a foreign concept these days, with all this internet-enabled bull**** flooding the OS world.
Why anyone needs to play "Internet Backgammon" or "Internet Pinball" is totally beyond me. Sit down and play a nice game of SAME GNOME, or maybe Sudoku. Perhaps try Iagno (a Reversi clone)? Or you can play the classics like Klondike/Solitaire or Mines.

Fedora 12 GNOME Nautilus
What would an OS be without a file manager? That sounds dumb, I know, but in reality we could get rid of them and use our web browsers. I mean, Microsoft has been doing that for years...
Regardless, let's not get too far ahead, and cut to the chase. Web browsers are called web browsers for a reason. They're not hard drive browsers. So don't make me use a web browser to browse my files.

Now that I'm off my soapbox and out of the way, we can see that GNOME uses the Nautilus file manager, and has been for years. Which is fine by me, I like Nautilus.

Fedora 12 GNOME Office Junk
Instead of the standard OpenOffice suite of office applications, Fedora includes these excuses for office programs.

Don't get me wrong, they work and work decently enough to get the job done. But people want all the fancy graphics and text crap put on their documents, and they wanted it done yesterday. Yet none of the office programs bundled could do that without some customization, which then makes supporting these programs a nightmare as they look all different.
This is Abiword, which is the text editor.

Fedora 12 GNOME Epic Failure
Having two file browsers installed is a ridiculously stupid idea. It's clunky, ugly, annoying, and confusing. Not to mention lame.
Nevertheless, that's exactly what they've done.

I realize now it just sounds like I'm trying hard to find stuff to complain about. But I don't care.

I don't know if this is supposed to be a part of Nautilus or not, but it's an entirely different UI, which irks me in more ways than just one.
Don't even ask me why the window turned black. I certainly didn't do that.

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