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Fedora 12 GNOME Screenshot Utility
And here is the world's most irritating screenshot utility. You'd think that after five versions they'd fix the damn thing so it was more intuitive. Ubuntu is not off the hook either, in fact this is a GNOME-wide problem.

You see, obviously having two files on the computer with the same name in the same place would require some way through which the computer can tell the difference, not to mention the fact that it would frustrate the crap out of a normal end user. So programs prompt you to replace or rename the file.
With the GNOME screenshot utility you still cannot have more than one file in the same place with the same name. Except there is a twist.

Normal users would not want to replace the existing file. So they click cancel, and find that the screenshot they just took has disappeared.

Windows has been able to do rename files instead of replacing them for years. KDE, LXDE, XFCE, even TWM can too. But no, it's apparently just too difficult for the poor GNOME developers to implement a "rename" command.
What the hell.

Fedora 12 GNOME Firefox+Flash fail
Speaking of frustrating the crap out of the end user...

Since it is Linux Fedora does not come bundled with Flash. So naturally one would go to the Flash download page, and attempt to find the right package.
Only there's seven or eight different ones, and none really have a good description.

Ordinary people have not the slightest clue as to what package they should download if no real description of the package is given, which is why there are so many "Linux sucks and here's why" videos flooding YouTube. Having choice is one thing. Having too much choice, without any damn clue as to what the right choice(s) is/are is an entirely different thing.

Blargh, at least it comes bundled with Firefox and not some proprietary garbage...

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