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Fedora is basically the same thing as RedHat Linux. "Fedora" is used for the freely available version while "Redhat" is reserved for the commercial product.
Fedora 12 runs the same GNOME interface as Ubuntu, but I still managed to run into a number of things that bugged me.

Of course, Fedora also has an option to download multiple desktop environments. This is GNOME, and I also have screenshots of the KDE version here.

Fedora 12 GNOME Desktop
Once you have installed and logged in, or in my case booted off the Live CD, this is what the desktop looks like.

The installer seemed to have this annoying glitch in it, where it would fail to format any partition greater than 8 GB in size to anything but ext2 or FAT32. I don't know if it is a limitation of my VM or just the installer showing it's ass, but that was one quirk I found.
Basically otherwise it's just a slightly different version of Ubuntu 7.

Fedora 12 GNOME Backgrounds
Surprisingly it comes with a multitude of different backgrounds by default. If it weren't for that stupid installer bug I would use this over Ubuntu any day.

Fedora 12 GNOME Themes
Why anyone in their right mind would use their OS like this is beyond me. I can understand hot pink or baby blue, but really? Glossy freaking green?

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