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Like EEEBuntu 2.0 NBR, EB 3.0 NBR is designed to run on Asus EEE PC systems, as well as other netbooks where a lightweight yet powerful Linux distribution would do marvels for the performance.

Version 3.0 is based on Ubuntu 9.04 and Debian Unstable.
EEEBuntu 2.0 was one of my favorite Linux-based distro, for the fact that it has a nice balance between speed, looks and productivity, and EB 3.0 only made that better.

Click on the thumbnails to see the full-sized image.

EEEBuntu 3.0 Splash
The splash screen has seen some changes.

EEEBuntu 3.0 Main Screen
And this is the main screen.
The icons have seen a facelift, transparency has been improved, the desktop background has changed, and a number of other tweaks, upgrades and differences have appeared. Overall it makes a great OS even better.

EEEBuntu 3.0 Loading
The load screen hasn’t changed, although it’s become more consistent than it was before, being this an emulator.

EEEBuntu 3.0 Disk Usage Analyzer
Of course, opening windows still does the same thing it did before, and most of the applications all remain the same. For the most part, even disk usage hasn’t changed!

EEEBuntu 3.0 Accessories
Comes with your standard Linux accessories.

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