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Elive 2 Topaz Mount
The way that drives appear on the desktop is neat. However one problem would be that if you had several drives, the desktop would become quite crowded.

Elive 2 Topaz File Management
By default the file manager uses obscenely huge icons.

Elive 2 Topaz IceWeasel
Unlike most distros Elive bundles IceWeasel, seemingly a clone of Firefox.

Elive 2 Topaz Screensaver
As always there are next to no screensavers installed.

Elive 2 Topaz DosBox
Now this surprised me. This is the first time I have seen a proper emulator for traditional PC applications installed, even if it's just for DOS.

Elive 2 Topaz Terminal
And finally, a screenshot of the terminal.

If you are going to make users pay for an "installer module", how about you make that clear on the downloads page? You could also check for Engrish as well...

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