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EEEBuntu was a port of Ubuntu that was designed to run on the Asus EEE PC series of netbooks. Version 2 was built upon Ubuntu 8.10.

For these screenshots I was using the Netbook Remix version.
The standard version looks very much like Ubuntu, although it has the Netbook Launcher bundled as an option. With the NBR version, the Netbook Launcher is enabled to begin with.

Click on the thumbnails to see the full-sized image.

EEEBuntu 2.0 Splash
This is the splash screen. Really, there isn’t much to say here, it’s pretty much the same with all other Linux distros.

EEEBuntu 2.0 Main Page
The desktop, or rather, the Netbook Launcher, is certainly different. On the right, it displays a folder list. On the left is a list of different “tabs”, which organizes the verious utilities and applications bundled with EEEBuntu. The center space is reserved for applications and files. The default “Favorites” tab is presumably for placing your favorite applications or web page links in.

EEEBuntu 2.0 Mouse-over
As might be observed by this screenshot, mousing over the individual icons results in some interesting leavings.

EEEBuntu 2.0 Disk Usage Analyzer
Windows open up separately, and in doing so hide the Netbook Launcher.
This is the Disk Usage Analyzer, which is useful for seeing how much disk space is being used for what.

EEEBuntu 2.0 GPP Icon
Nothing all too special here, although the icon for GPixPod definitely caught my eye.

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