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Damn Small Linux, or DSL, is exactly what the name says it is. It's puny, fitting into what they advertise as little as 50 MB!
DSL is Knoppix based.

DSL Splash
This is the splash screen. In reality this is just the boot strapper splash. Unlike most splashes this boasts every little feature of DSL.

DSL Desktop
This is the default desktop. DSL can come with either Fluxbox or JWM as the UI; I believe this is JWM.

You can see the icons on the desktop, as well as a handy little statistics thing showing exactly what is and has happened since login.
The "taskbar" contains a quick launch, a workspace switcher, as well as the time by default.

DSL Menu
The menu is really standard. It's hard to make a menu unique nowadays because there isn't much you can do to change it.

I wonder what MyDSL is?

DSL found gremlins in my internets
I wonder if Raid will fix this slight invasion?

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