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Calculate Linux as a whole doesn't appear to introduce much different from any other Linux distro, however it is designed to be easily and quickly deployed in a corporate environment. Plus, the default KDE GUI is arranged slightly differently from normal.

Calculate Desktop Splash
The Calculate splash.

Calculate Desktop Login
Logging in to Calculate Linux. By default you only get a guest account, and root logins via the GUI are forbidden.

Calculate Linux Desktop
The Calculate Linux Desktop...well, desktop. Calculate Linux is distributed in four different "flavors":

  • Calculate Linux Desktop (CLD): Shown here. Designed for quick installation, easy updating, and allows users to store user account data on a remote server. Available in KDE and GNOME editions, although it appears as though at one point XFCE was offered as well.
  • Calculate Directory Server (CDS): Intended to act as a domain controller. Doesn't appear to ship with a GUI.
  • Calculate Media Center (CMC): Basically the home theater flavor. Designed to playback and store media files.
  • Calculate Linux Scratch (CLS): Intended for those who want to have their own distro optimized for specific applications.

As you can see, the taskbar is on the top, instead of the usual bottom. There is also the noticeable lack of any Quick Launch type thing, and there is no Desktop Folder overlay on the desktop, rather folders and files appear straight onto the surface like they should.

Calculate Desktop Dock
What may not be obvious at first is the presence of a dock at the bottom of the screen. The dock is set to auto-hide automatically.

Calculate Desktop Menu
The menu is arranged in a way that is typical for KDE 3.x, but much unlike KDE 4.x, even though that's what this is running.

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