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Corel Linux is a very old distro that was released in the very late 90s. It was pretty promptly discontinued, but the Open Source Development pages remained on Corel's site until 2002.

It is based on Debian and KDE, however it has a number of differences from regular KDE, which unfortunately spelled an early demise as it was incompatible with mainstream Linux.

I think there must be a problem, because even though it is supposed to be 256-color capable, going from the screenshots in Google Images, all I got was 2-bit monochrome, even after installing the guest additions.

Corel Desktop
This is the default desktop. It looks and feels alot like ordinary KDE distros. You have the notification center, workplace switcher, program area, a few program quick links, and the K Menu.

Corel KMenu
The K Menu contains the typical options a KDE user would expect. There is no shutdown menu option, and the only way I could figure out how to shutdown was from the login screen. There is the normal application lists, and finally a list of recently opened applications.

Corel File Management
The file manager is not the default KDE file manager, rather it is Corel's own custom file manager. While it works and works quite well, it is not compatible with many other Linux file managers.

Corel Games
There are quite a number of games installed. Woo, high score!

Corel Control Center
The Control Center contains every option for customizing parts of Corel Linux.

Corel Nickname
And finally, creating a "Nickname", which is I presume another way of saying a shortcut.

Corel Linux feels very primitive compared to much more modern version of Linux. It looks no different from KDE, however. Not sure why color wasn't working...

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