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CrunchBang is usually referred to as "#!", and is based on Debian, formerly based on Ubuntu. #! uses the Openbox window manager, and is different than anything I have reviewed so far.

CrunchBang Installer
Installing Crunchbang.

CrunchBang Post-Installer Script
This is the post-installation script, which runs the first use after install to finish off a few things.

CrunchBang Desktop
Here is the default desktop.
Like Fluxbox, there are no icons, and no visible menus. However, Openbox does things even more differently.

The application area and workplace switcher are combined, so when you open an application in workspace 1, the icon goes under workspace 1. Same happens for workspace 2. However, the feature that stands out for me is the list of keyboard shortcuts displayed on the right-hand edge of the desktop.

CrunchBang Menu
As with Fluxbox, right-clicking the desktop in Openbox opens up the main menu.

CrunchBang Backgrounds
Wow, is there ever a long list of backgrounds...

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