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Bodhi Linux is a lightweight linux distro made for older hardware, like a billion other distros. The difference here is that Bodhi uses Enlightenment.

For these purposes I used the default layout; there were four choices for layouts on first boot.

Bodhi Desktop
This is the desktop. Wow, talk about shiny!
Everything has a glare or a sparkle to it. However the only items on the screen are a clock widget and the default Enlightenment "iBar".

Bodhi Menu
The E menu is something that any user should expect. It displays a list of program groups and system setting boxes.

If it appears empty, then it's supposed to; Bodhi doesn't include alot of software.

Bodhi iBox
There is a thing on the iBar called the "iBox". The iBox contains notification icons.

Bodhi Desktop Clock
Even the clock widget has an extensive menu system!

Bodhi File Management
Bodhi uses the PCManFM file manager, but also includes EFM according to Wikipedia (therefore it probably does not).

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