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NewDeal Office is the descendant of the PC/GEOS operating system. Like it's predecessor it runs on top of DOS.
The evaluation version does have all the features of the full commercial product, however it is limited to a 45-day trial period, after which it will no longer start up.

As of 2002 NDO is now sold under the "Breadbox Ensemble" name by Breadbox Computer Company LLC.

NDO 3.2 Splash
The NewDeal Office 3.2 splash screen.

NDO 3.2 Desktop
The NDO 3.2 desktop

The default shell is basically just a Windows Explorer clone that leaves out the BS included with 98 and higher, resulting in a very snappy desktop capable of running on even 386s.
Files and folders can be placed on the desktop, although the only right-click menu option is to create a folder.

NDO 3.2 Menu
The "Express" menu is a fairly typical iteration of a start menu.

NDO 3.2 Launch
Straight from the menu there is a Launch option for opening programs provided you know the path.

NDO 3.2 File Management
The File Manager is very Win9x-esque, providing big previews for the user to click on. The window borders are the same as well.
Don't ask me what's up with the video glitching though.

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