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NewDeal Office 2000 Desktop
The NewDeal 2000 desktop is pretty much the same as NewDeal 3.2.

NewDeal Office 2000 3D Demo Program
One interesting program bundled with NewDeal is this 3D text generator. All it does is spin text around, however.

NewDeal Office 2000 Easy Mode Main
The difference with NewDeal Office 2000 is the inclusion of this new Easy Mode, which is meant for beginners. It provides big buttons and easy to read text, so as to improve the experience of a new user.

NewDeal Office 2000 Easy Mode Sub-menu
Clicking on one of the buttons brings up another bunch of buttons as a sort of sub-menu.

NewDeal Office 2000 Easy Mode Help
I like the presence of a HELP button on top of the help dialog...

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