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GeoWorks GEOS Ensemble is a 16-bit version of the GEOS operating system capable of running on x86 IBM PCs and compatibles. It is incompatible with prior 8-bit versions.
Back in it's time, it was bundled with a number of PCs, however like GEM and similar shells it faded away, reportedly because "Microsoft threatened to withdraw supply of MS-DOS to PC manufacturers who bundled GeoWorks".

GEOS Ensemble is built upon the PC/GEOS "operating system". Despite being called an OS PC/GEOS required DOS to run.
GEOS Ensemble 2.0 uses the Motif window manager.

GEOS Ensemble Splash
This is the splash screen.

GEOS Ensemble Desktop
As you can see, Motif is definitely different from Windows.

Overall the general appearance and window controls are reminiscent from early versions of Windows from the same time period. The GeoManager is like the Windows Program Manager, providing users with big icons to click on. It can be converted to use a Single Document Interface design (as shown), or a Multiple Document Interface design like Windows did.
Unlike Windows, there is no separate file manager; all file browsing is done in the GeoManager. Also unlike Windows, there is a trash icon for storing junk files u ntil they are to be deleted.

GEOS Ensemble MDI
Clicking on the button with multiple windows in it converts the GeoManager to an MDI form.

GEOS Ensemble Wastebin
Clicking on the trash icon opens up the Wastebin, the purpose of which is obvious. To make it more easily discernible from other folders it has a baby blue background.

GEOS Ensemble Minimize
And this is what the desktop looks like with the GeoManager minimized. The system button remains in the corner so you can access it even with everything minimized. That menu is apparently program-wide, IE it doesn't change with each program.

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