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Just before Digital Research went out of business, they released the GEM source code to the public. As a result, many people took to adding the features of GEM 1.1 back and adding a few other things. One such release is Shane Land OpenGEM. OpenGEM 6 is apparently the last version of this.

OpenGEM 6 About
The about screen, showing both the original GEM authors, as well as the new author of this particular version of OpenGEM.

OpenGEM adds the ability to have overlapping windows and drive icons once again. It also adds a 3D appearance to windows.

OpenGEM 6 File Management
File management hasn't changed.

OpenGEM 6 Accessories
The desktop accessories are still the same as well.

OpenGEM 6 Trash Can
The trash can still can't be opened into a window, but I find it funny that they say "delete a disk", even though a computer can't physically do that unless it's floppy drive is broken and destroys the disk surface.

OpenGEM 6 Preferences
There are a few more preferences than before.

Exiting OpenGEM 6
OpenGEM also adds a sort of crude shutdown option that exits back to DOS.

OpenGEM hasn't changed too much, but yet it is still a much better, cleaner, and more advanced version of GEM that would make a great desktop environment for users of FreeDOS.

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