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Deskmate 2 was released for the Tandy 1000EX. It was intended as more of a “portal” to office suite applications as opposed to a full fledged GUI. The bundled programs did require Deskmate.
Deskmate ran on top of MS/PC-DOS, just like Windows, GEM, and others did.
I was surprised at how little graphics there actually were. Deskmate 2 was supposed to be the first graphical version, because Deskmate 1 was entirely text-based.

Deskmate 2 Main Screen
This is the home screen of Deskmate 2. For being graphical, you would expect some form of mouse support, however no such support exists in Deskmate 2. It looks more like MS-DOS Shell than what you would expect from say GEM of the time.
It has a handy calendar and event list on the top, and a recent files list for each of the six bundled applications.
I have no idea what’s going on with the date on the top banner, but that’s where the date and time is. The bottom banner lists the function keys and what they do.

Deskmate 2 Text
This is Text, Deskmate’s text editor. It’s very basic and Notepad-like, but that was okay back in the days of DOS. One wonders why we need any more. Just add image support and it’s all said and done.
Note the lack of any visible exit command. I could not figure out how in the world to exit any of these programs, short of resetting the whole damn computer!

Deskmate 2 Main screen w/document
I can’t remember how I did this, but here is the home screen, displaying the name of a new Text document.

Deskmate 2 Worksheet
This is Worksheet, a spreadsheet program. Again, extremely basic when compared to things like Excel 2000 and such, but still quite useful, if you could figure out how to use the stupid thing effectively.

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