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Unlike BeOS and it’s successor Haiku, which both have nothing to do with Linux or UNIX, ZevenOS is a Linux distro.
It does, however, share much of the same overall look and feel.

“Zeven” is Dutch for seven. Not sure of the significance there. Under the hood I believe ZevenOS is XFCE based. I thought things were not going to go well when the download site I had to use was entirely written in German, which would in turn mean that the language the LiveCD was set to would have been German as well.
That was not the case, clearly. Although some things appear to be in German regardless of settings, most of the OS is not language-specific.

ZevenOS Desktop
The default desktop gives it up right away that this is intended to be a visual continuation of BeOS.
The Deskbar at the top is configured and arranged in the same way. The icons are the same.
However, instead of having the icons going left to right from the upper corner, they are arranged traditionally going top to bottom. There is also an icon tray in the bottom-right corner, and “replicants” are not a feature.

ZevenOS Update Manager
This is the first thing I am greeted with. Updates up the ying-yang. This is normal for Linux distros anyways.
Right away you can see the similarities in the window management. The yellow bar at the top of the screen that shows the window controls and window title is a familiar sight. There appears to be no way to minimize windows.

ZevenOS Backgrounds
ZevenOS includes a number of backgrounds by default, including this spacy one.

ZevenOS Menu
The main menu is accessible by clicking on the ZevenOS graphic atop the Deskbar, just as it is in BeOS/Haiku.
The menu hierarchy is a hybrid between Linux and BeOS.

ZevenOS File Manager
Like most XFCE-based distros ZevenOS uses Thunar as the file manager.

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